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Want to have an "upload" button

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I have a website that I built with Webplus, but the software has been discontinued, so I'm ready to pay to use a site builder such as Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, etc. - just haven't decided which one. The one thing I need is an "upload button" so customers can upload pictures to me. I know they can just email the pics, but uploading is sometimes easier for them. Does anyone have any experience with a sitebuilder that offers this? Or at the very least - a sitebuilder that lets you insert code. Thanks so much!
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We use jotform. It's a script you can add to a webpage.

We use their free version. Here is our page: www.splathead.com/pages/custom
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Yes, search online for "web forms" with that option. I've used Wufoo and 123FormBuilder.
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