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Want to be a better seller

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I started a small company not to long ago, and had somewhat success with selling my first tee. As always your closest people will support you. BUT!! NOW I need to reach to MORE people, people I don't know.

How do I do that?
Where to start?
Creative ways of getting the name out without spending so much money, and not using the internet?
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I would suggest visiting meetup groups, ( google meetup.com to find groups in your area), also visit schools. You need to be networking and making contacts and building relationships with as many people as possible. Don't try to sell them anything, but ask them to refer their friends to you.
Did your closest people support you because they are your friends or because your shirts really appeal to them? If your shirts really appeal to them ask them how they hear about new products that interests them. By talking to them about their buying habits you'll gain insight about how to market to people with similar interests.
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you've already started. Each one of your closest friend know at least 50 people and each of those 50 people know ect..ect... you actually have the people. its all depends on product and presentation.
My business is ran solely on word of mouth. I have to admit that I am quite a salesman. Talk to the people in your neighborhood, people at the restaurant and stores you go into. Not just to try and get there business but business of there friends or employees. Reunions, churches, whomever may need shirts. Also, print up your extra blanks or just order some white tees and print your logo, etc on them and give them a few along with 20 business cards. Our business has doubled almost every year for the last 5. And still going. Better prices and a lot better service and well done great looking products. We just do custom work and have no desire to plunk our money into a brand.
Sounds great! Is there much competition in your area? Do you always wear your logo? Have you tried adding QR codes to shirts with your logo?
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