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Name of the Vendor

Name of the contact person


Phone number


Size of shop

Type of equipment used

Area of expertise

Years of experience

Potential pricing

Base price


Shipping costs

Turnaround times

Flat -lock seams

Computerized cutting/ hand cutting



Manufacturing capability


We are looking for a vendor who could provide us with services for cutting & sewing. if you could fill in this form or refer it would actully help.

If you want to know more about our business. Our business thrives on small orders, ranging anywhere from 15-200 pieces. Average order size is 40 pieces. We currently operate on a 3 week turnaround for sewing. We currently manufacture custom jerseys, which are essentially t-shirts (with a few modifications) made from moisture-wicking polyester fabric. I've been told this fabric can be a bit difficult to work with, so well trained and experienced sewers are necessary. Further, the sewers will need to have the ability to sew with "flat-lock seams" and use a durable polyester thread. The ability to develop and modify patterns is requested, but not required. A computerized cutting system is preferred, but hand cutting is an option. Our sewers currently create the tags that are sewn into the jerseys.
mail me at [email protected],
Business Consultant
Brickwork India

Phone: +9180 4040 9999 Extn 401
Skype ID: Arvind.Leo.Pereira
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