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Want cotton heritage fitted or similar

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I am trying to find a wholeseller for cotton heritage. I have been using a local place here in Houston, Tx, but they don't carry a lot of fitted tees. I want more colors and sizes for example XS and 3XL.

The RN is 75813. It's a fitted T, 100% cotton shirt, with a very soft feel. I new to the industry, so I can't explain it any better. But I love the colors they have, and the quality.
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I know this was posted a long time ago but I have researched this and found the answer so I'm hoping to help other's out searching for the same thing. I contacted Cotton Heritage for the answer. There is a small tag inside the shirt close to the bottom on the side that has another number. It's MC1082 and if you go to their site at www.cottonheritage.com you should be able to find it there or at this link 100C Men's Crew Nk T 5.5oz. Cotton HeritageCotton Heritage
You are a hero. Thank you so much for answering your own post to help others. You have helped me out tremendously!!
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