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Wall Appliques

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I keep getting asked about wall appliques or wall stickers. Looks like Target and some other box stores are selling these. I don't see the potential, but then again I'm a pretty traditional kind of guy, so what do I know...

But what types of vinyl are used for this? Many retailers claim it's removable. Are there any brands better than others? Who sells the vinyl?

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We've used Oracal for these in the past (we use Oracal for most everything), and I prefer the look of the matte vinyl to the shiny, but that's a personal preference. They work better on a wall that's been painted with semi-gloss or eggshell satin paint, and not so much on a wall with flat paint - the adhesive absorbs into the paint after a period of time, the vinyl can fall off and you can see the where the adhesive has sort of absorbed into the paint.

They're great for businesses and home decor as well. I'm getting ready to do a bunch for my home, so that I can take photos for our website. I'd be happy to post up some pictures once I have them.
So is this just basic sticker vinyl, or is it some sort of special wall vinyl? Seems to me that common sticker vinyl would rip the drywall paper off when you try and remove it...
We always used just regular vinyl. We never applied to plain old drywall, it was always painted. ;)
My customers use the Oracal 631 because it has that nice matte finish PLUS it is not permanent. When you're ready to remove it, simply blow dry the vinyl and the adhesive will loosen for removal. Oracal has a really beautiful line of colors now for this particular indoor vinyl, too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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