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Ok, so now in addition to the SP300i and VP300i they now offer a VS300. So they have three 30" models.

Is anyone familiar with the VS300? I do know that only one company is offering this model, so I am concerned if the machine needs service if other Roland dealers can repair it?

Anyone have experience with the VS300? I will be using the machine mainly for t-shirts, stickers/decals, and maybe posters.

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Yeah, I can provide some information or you can search this forum where I break them all down. Here is it in a nutshell.
SP300I - two heads - black/cyan and magenta/yellow - those are the sharing methodology
VP300I - 4 heads - each color has a dedicated head
VS300 - 1 unihead - takes 8 colors in the following configuration
-CMYK x2
The order listed is also the slowest to fastest printing
The fastest you can get the VS to print is in a dual CMYK configuration - With the VS once you pick a color option you are locked in for all intent and purposes (there is a way ($$$) to change.
Just know that white and metallic is best used for signs and will flake off of garment vinyl
VS300 is no longer limited to one vendor
As for servicing - The VS is the same as the entire VS line - just the size is smaller. Any roland tech will be able to handle the 30" if he is familiar with the VS line.
I will await any further questions.
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