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Hey!! My new Clothing line is coming up SOON! and i need your help!

I have TWO WEEKS left until production takes place and i wanna make sure ill be making the ones YOU like!

So can you please help me by clicking "like" on ONLY the designs you like? the designs with the most likes will be made! and every feedback helps TRUST ME!!

(here is the link to "like"the designs):

ALSO check out the website this is where all the product will be!

C3RTIFI3D CLOTHING - FRESH ORANGE COUNTY APPAREL (click like at the bottom left of the site)



C3rtifi3d by Marco Ghebrial
When you wear our shirts you are top of the line. When you wear our shirts you wear it with pride. When you wear our shirts you walk with style, quality, and prestige. When you wear our shirts you are certified.
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