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Goodmorning (atleast for my country it is),

I've a GCC Expert II 52LX Vinyl cutter with AASII system, and since shortly i've run into some issues with the Virtual LCD 3 (VLCD3) from GCC to change pressure and offset for my Expert cutter. I run Windows 10.

When i want to start the program it works but when i want to select my model version then it instantly crashes and won't report anymore... it used to work without problems on my Windows 10 computer, also tryed to seek contact with the support of GCCworld.com website without success... can't reach them anyhow?

Are there more people on this forum who are having issues with the VLCD3 and Windows 10?

I'm forced now to keep using an old laptop with Windows 7 to change the pressure and offset when using diffirent kind of vinyls / flex materials.

Isn't there anyway to get it working again on Windows 10?

I have tryed reinstalling drivers, greatcut 3 and even Windows... that last one DID help for the beginning but later on it stops working.

My earlier experience was that my Ricoh sublimation printer used to be earlier the problem for this as i used to connect the computer straight with usb to the printer and now i've it running over the Network (internet cable), as that did helped solve the issue and now for some reason the whole program ain't working.

So i hope anyone here can help me out, thank you in advance.

from The Netherlands.

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I have had this problem happened to me before. The expert 24 LX was operating at the time and every time I would open VLCD and click the drop-down, it would freeze and crash. I reinstalled it on a different computer and it worked just fine.
I would recommend turning off or even unplugging all USB connections and try again. You may also look into serial to USB. If all else fails try and install on another computer.

After my troubleshoot I back files up and reinstalled windows and the problem was gone. Though anytime I open VLCD, my Epson printers will fire so I make sure I turn them off.

Great machines, not so great support
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