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VLCD is causing Expert 24 to not cut

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I have been around and around this issue for weeks. I talked to GCC and they suggested I use Corel Draw and Great Cuts. I can do that, but I don't have time to learn much about Corel Draw and have things designed in Win PC Sign that I need to cut.

Win PC Sign got on remotely with me today and it cut fine, because he didn't use the VLCD. When I connect to the VLCD, I get an error. I can cut bypassing the VLCD, but that doesn't let me adjust the pressure, etc... Win PC Sign said I don't need VLCD.

I am using a serial/usb cable, because we think the usb port isn't working. I am really fed up with this at this point. The cutter cuts, it is just the communication issue. I don't want to buy a new cutter unless I have to.

What else can I try with the VLCD? I deleted all of them and redownloaded and it Version 2 caused the same error, as did Version 3. Is there something I am missing since I am using a serial to usb cable?


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It is important to have any other usb devices disconnected or powered off when using vlcd. I have noticed VLCD makes my printers move and start to print . Try a different computer or a clean windows install.
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