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Visited The NC American Apparel Store This Saturday

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For those who live in NC and who are thinking of using American Apparel blanks, a great way to sample the products is by visiting their two stores in Charlotte! I decided to do this yesterday after recently learning that American Apparel has NC stores.

I must admit, it was a great experience to visit a store of a company that sells a sea of tee blanks yearly in the US and across the world. Well known companies like Johnny Cupcakes, to screenprinters like TS Designs in Burlington, NC, to a small 1 person apparel company in any city USA make use of American Apparel blanks.

During my visit, not only did I (finally) get to feel the products, but tried on a few to see where my fit would be in the different styles. Only 1 tee fit me (as I'm full figured), but it was comfy as it was the Organic Cotton sustainable edition. :) The color selection was great (of course for the 2001 style).

Just as interesting as the visit were the customers who came to the store. I looked at just about all of them and wondered, who would have thought that a store mostly made up of blanks would be so popular for these people?

Here are 3 styles I found that are soft:

-Organic Cotton (Sustainable Edition)
-Tri Blend
-Acid Wash Baby Thermal
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Ms. Blue,
I have visited the AA store in San Diego a couple of times.
My experience was much as yours!
After checking out the different products I began watching the staff and customers. Which was actually fun for me, as I am not the the ideal "body type" for AA products!:)

It was something to see all the people so interested in "blanks."
Ha - Sweet! ;)

One of the store employees promised me that the men's underwear was extremely soft. I could only assume that he wore them and hope he didn't think that I was going to try them on!

I picked up a copy of the Legalize LA newsletter while at the store. I look forward to returning in a few weeks, as I missed checking a couple of styles. To avoid that on the next visit, I'm going to take their catalog with me. This is a great evaluation step before buying because a few of the styles were thinner than I'd thought.

I forgot to mention that a tall but very slim guy came in to buy more of the thermals, as he wore one in. He said he forgot his size and asked me to look at the size in his shirt tag. He was wearing a XXS thermal. GRRRR! You know, all other 2XL sizes I looked at would not have fit me in any way. So, the 2XL is not a true 2XL as it would be in a Gildan or Hanes tee. It's MUCH smaller. Did you notice that too?

One last tidbit of info - if you subscribe to the free USA printed version of Printwear Magazine, the latest issue includes a Fall 2008 American Apparel Wholesale Catalog and is shipping now.


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