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www.ytmnd.com is one of the best places to be found by the , ahem, "net underground" (I feel ill even just posing such a phrase). Good ones spread from forum to forum very quickly, in just your sort of demographic. Check the wikipedia entry.

It's where those damn ascii "O RLY?" "YA RLY!" owls come from, which have destroyed many a forum...

Now, ytmnd's are all about internet meme themes...you'd have to incorporate something along those lines. You'd also have to be subtle....nothing worse that trying to turn something cultish into free capitialist marketing.

I'd recommend, for you Comma Sutra shirt, something along the lines of "Je t'aime" for the first half, then a sudden scratch of record as it ends in, ahem, a rear entry comma situation, and the music suddenly becomes Jungle Boy by John Eddie. Classic ytmnd!

Hit the right spot, and you'll be posted across great demographic websites within hours.

Here's a "classic style" ytmnd: http://ngedidit.ytmnd.com/

Heres a jungle boy meme: http://sexmap.ytmnd.com/

Here's one summing up the heroes of 5 years of memes: http://cheerstoyourthemannowdog.ytmnd.com/

If you use the wikipedia entry to make a few themed on the various main memes (such as one which ends with a comma having its way with Padme, along with Darth Vaders "Noooooooo!"), you could have found a gold mine.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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