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The amount of pretreat that you use for pretreating shirts will vary depending on the color of the garment and size of the shirt. If you have a Viper XPT, you can control the width and height of the spray. If you have a ViperONE, you can only really control the height of the spray as it will always spray the width. Also, the ViperONE has more overspray as it is a single nozzle and you want to make sure you get a good quote on the edges if you are printing that large.

Then of course, it also comes down to what size bottle of pretreat you order. I think they have 4 Liters and 16 liters of pretreat. You need to dilute the pretreat 2:1.

The final thing is how often are you cleaning your pretreater and what level of cleaning are you doing. If you clean out all the pretreat in the lines with ViperONE, then you will have more waste. All pretreaters have some level of waste just like of digital printers.

So without telling us the answers to all the variables / questions, it would be hard to give you an answer that would be reliable. I hope you understand I am not trying to be challenging with you. If you are looking for a pure estimate, Brother tells people that cost to pretreat a black shirt (the highest amount of pretreat needed) for a 14" x 16" area is approximately $0.35. You will still need to add in your waste / maintenance cost.

Best wishes,

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