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VIPER PF Encoder Belt, Still on the market?

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Hi, im having an issue with my Viper it seems thath the pf encoder belt (Not the encoder strip) its damaged causing some registration issues between the underbase and color print

been looking all over but no one sell a replacement,

cant print now:(:confused:

anyone knows where could i get one?
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My suggestion would be to buy a second hand Epson 4880 from ebay or elsewhere and strip it down for some very useful parts.
Get a printer for spare parts its always a good idea, unfortunally this piece its added to the machine by coldesi not epson, Just to set a record, the fix for this is to replace the piece, symptoms may be registration issues and the conveyor belt may bump while moving or printing leaving lines in the print, underbase and color pass may be misalign

i attach a picture of where the piece is located, to check if its working, just move the conveyor belt forwards around 30 seconds to make sure its not damaged, cracked or teared

pf encoder its also called timing belt, theres no much info out there about the piece to replace it youll need a exact fit so the exact measures are

10mm wide 285mm long, theet spacing of 2.5mm, with 114teeht

Heres a video tutorial on how to replace it

you can buy a replacement at coldesi for $51.00, you can buy it from here at $8.93:

10T2.5/285 Belt Truly Endless Urethane Steel Cord

we could get a fix thanks to the great support of Dean from garmentprinterink.com

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