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Hello Everyone!

I am looking to sell my Viper One pretreatment Machine. The machine was purchased from another user, where the machine was barely used (50 shirts sprayed or less).

I purchased the machine in September-October of 2013. I have sprayed about 150-200 shirts with the machine. It has been taken care of and still sprays great patterns and proper pretreatment weights (I have weighed myself using scale and compared to chart that comes with the pretreatment machine). It includes fluid to clean the machine and all of the hoses and original box.

The Viper One Retails at $3950.

I will include Air Compressor with the machine. The Air compressor is a Husky purchased from Home Depot, with a retail value of $140-$180 (This is the range I paid, I am not 100% sure of exact price). I will include hose, couplers, etc for the air compressor.

I will also include AA Pretreatment for Dark Shirts Basically filled to the Top and a Garment Printer.com Dark Shirt Pretreatment small bottle about 3/4 full. I will also even include a full to the top gallon of Dupont pretreatment!

This is a total retail value of around $4250+.

This is a huge package deal! Pick up would be in Bronx, NY but I can ship if needed to anywhere. Feel free to message me with offers.

I can be reached at [email protected] and also directly through text message or phone at 646-725-6020. I am looking for reasonable offers on this.

Thank you!
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