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viper line and damper not matching colors.

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so i am the second owner of a viper. the prior owner mentioned that he did not use it often yet maintained it. he also did not use the white ink to print either and said that in order to use the white i would have to change printheads.

well i confirmed with coldesi and was pretty sure myself that one printhead can do white as well and no change was necessary (the printhead works fine). but after several nozzle checks and unable to vaccuum the white ink through the tubes (due to a missing wims system) i opened up to check the dampers. all dampers are colored and the yellow ink is showing inserting at the damper input but the body shows orange ink.

At this point if i replace the dampers will all the inks pull in to their correct locations?

and would a fully functional printhead need to be replaced to start printing white since the tips are already colored?



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I think that you should definitely replace the head and dampers. Put cleaning solution in the ink bottles and pull with a syringe at the end of the ink line to get any gunk/dried ink out
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Thanks for your response i was actually hoping on salvaging a perfectly fine print head all because of white ink by not using the new one. Is there any way clean them out? i mean its not like they're not worth $500+ or anything.
No problem, only at the first sign of something can you unclog it if you try. Always better to do preventative maintenance because once clogged that's it!
dampers and print head swapped. colors are lined up properly and functioning fine. thank you.
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