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Viper Grinding and 1000100D error

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Getting frustrated with my Viper. It is making grinding noises and then I get the 1000100D error. I have read through all of the forums with these tags and they just confused me. I have noticed that my wiperblade is in the up position. I'm hoping that someone can tell me how to get it to go down and maybe that will fix this problem.
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Hi ,I'm not too familiar with 4880 Viper workings however if like the 1900 Raptor plz check my previous posts for cap station setting which will also lower wiper if it isn't broken ie the cogs wear out and wiper blade can only be manually lowered etc ....
I found the post you are talking about. you mention inserting a screwdriver into a hole on the side of the casing. I have climbed all over this thing (glad no one was watching) and don't know what hole you are talking about or what "casing"
Hi,the hole is quite evident on the K3 and HM1 not sure where it is exactly on the Viper ...it's part of the capping station ,when you turn it with a screwdriver it moves the mechanism round and also turns the pump a revolution ,if you can view the side of the station you should see it easily enough ,whether theres a hole in the casing I need to look into more for you ....
Ok just had a look at a few vids/pics of the station on the Viper ,I can see what looks like a hole in the casing on the lefthand side where the control pad is below the Dtg sticker ,if not then it could be that the mounting position is different to the K3 and Hm1 therefore its on the inside of the printer ...by moving the head away you may beable to see it better ,all stations work on the same principle so it is there keep looking;)
Thank you so much for being helpful! I'm still trying to locate that hole even with your awesome instructions! I've put a request in to tech support and I'm hoping that they will contact me soon!
i am sure there could be a number of causes, but i can share one thing that happened with my Viper. there is a blue stem that you push on to unlock the print head carriage to move it. at the bottom of it, it comes to a T and there are two cylindrical tubes. When you push it down, the tube on the right has a spring-loaded white plunger that goes down, and is supposed to pop back up. On my Viper, the white plunger stayed down and was catching on the frame of the capping station area. i removed the white plunger and cleaned and filed it so it moved up and down smoothly in the tube. That took care of my problem, except that some of the gear teeth had gotten out of sync when they made the grindig noise. I moved a gear slightly with a screwdriver and it then worked. the gear I moved was on the right side behind the spit station.
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