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vinyl thickness for gcc expert 24

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Hi everyone. Just ordered a GCC EXPERT 24 today and now i need to get some vinyl. The specs on the cutter say .8mm thickness, is this good for a starter cutter? Do i have to get .8mm vinyl or other thickness? thanks in advance
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Most vinyl your going to use for garments or signs are .7 or less. The only thing you may want to look at is rhinestone stencil materal which can be thicker. You can always double cut it. I would not worry.
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Thankyou for the help. Was also wondering when i purchase my vinyl should i get some .7mm or .8mm vinyl? im REALLY new at this, ha and just not sure what vinyl to get with the GCC Expert 24? Would like it if someone could point me in the right direction on what to buy. Thanks again.:)
Don't purchase the vinyl on the thickness. Buy it for what you want to do. There are many, many vinyl out there for garments and signs. Research and get some samples for your jobs. Your cutter can handle just about everything vinyl wise. It's just in the settings. What are your plans?
Oh ok, so it depends pretty much on the app, i see. My plans for now are vehicle decals.Im on the Oracal site right now. Should i maybe get something on ebay for the first little while, or is it not worht it? Thanks AGAIN for all your help.
Oracal is a great and popular vinyl. I use 651 for window signs. I don't do many signs but if you take a vote here, it is one of the best. No problems cutting it with your cutter. If your also looking at doing garment vinyl, I use Thermoflex Plus. Thats the base of my business and I have never had a problem with it. JMO
Sounds good to me. Think im going to go with the 651 Oracle for sure. Prob just get a roll of black and a roll of white to start. Ok, just one more i promise, ha:D. Again with the thickness, should i get the 2.5? Think that would be decent for decals?
I did not know that 651 came in different thickness! Bad me. I will have to check my stock and see what I purchase! Thicker is not always better but my opinion is that it should last longer. I have never had a problem even outdoors in the sun and heat but I've only been at this for a year or so.
Oracal 651 is 2.5mils thick..... Most house brands are 3 mils thick....A mil is 1/1000 of a mm....So .8 mm would be 800 mils....

I have used H&H and like it so far...They have some nice starter kits....Bundles/Starter Kits - H & H Sign Supply, Inc I just got the 220.00 kit....
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Actually it only comes in one size i think, sorry. 2.5mm. Ive been doing some research but there is alot of sites and ALOT of info out there. This is by far the best place so far:). Thanks everyone! and thankyou Twanabee
Thanks Royster, gonna check that out aswell
Jamie...you sure that it's 2.5mm? That converts to .098" thick! Thats very thick.
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