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Vinyl slipping on Expert 24LX

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Hi there. Got a total emergency. Am leaving for a festival in 2 days time and still have to press tshirts and my cutters decided to play up. The vinyl keeps slipping and so it doesn't cut straight. I can get one design on the right cut ok, but then the one in the middle and on the left of the vinyl cut badly. I've cleaned all the parts and having a closer look I'm starting to believe that the left hand roller might be loose but I can't see how to tighten it. The other thought I had was maybe the roller wasn't being pushed down hard enough to keep a good grip on the vinyl. If anyone could help me out asap I'd be very grateful. Thanks.
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I am not aware of any adjustment....Is there a chance the plastic pinch roller is broken or cracked?....
There is now as I just broke it! Thanks anyway though.
What I do now, and it has helped me is to feed enough vinyl (that you will need to cut design) all the way through. Then I make sure it is straight and then clamp down. Then I turn on the cutter and it will pull the vinyl back through to the starting position. By doing that it seems to not run off at all on longer runs. Before I did that the tension from the roll sometimes caused it to pull it off line a little when the cutter does that quick jerking it does to relocate to another position. If it stays straight when first aligning when cutter is started, it seems to work just fine while cutting.
Without both of your pinch rollers operating correctly, you will mess up a lot of vinyl and maybe not get any good cuts....You will need to get a replacement.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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