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vinyl recommendations

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We're going to start doing vinyl on underwear, specifically the front of men's boxers, and the front of women's boy shorts (mainly because silk screening over so many seams is difficult), and vinyl seems the best solution. However, I have a friend who has made vinyl shirts for me, and within a few washes, the vinyl is cracking and peeling off the shirt.

I have been told that vinyl has gotten better over the years (the last shirt she made was in 2011). What we need is a vinyl with a very soft hand (this is underwear, afterall). The underwear will be mainly novelty items, so won't be washed too often, but prolly will need to hold up to a hot-water wash and tumble dry high. Any suggestions?
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we use STAHLS try their website they are really good supplier for this
Great! Thanks so much. This helps a lot!
Try Stahls sports film,and premium plus,and put them on test.
Good luck.
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