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Hi everyone

I am currently producing tshirt designs printing on jet opaque 3g and using a cameo cutter to fet rid of the white background.
I have had semi success with this process bur as i have a cutter i was thinking of trying at vinyl i havd a few questions though.

Can anyone explain the process. Is it as simple as cutting the vinyl and then pressing on to the shirt or is there another step inbetween to get it to adhere?

How do line up multiple layers of colour accuratly? So if you imagine something like a flag which would use different colours on vinyl?

Hope someone can help.


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Also when layering vinyl you would press different.

1st color for 3 seconds
2nd color for 3 seconds
3rd color you press the full time say 15seconds
Make sure you use a teflon sheet to cover the exposed vinyl.

And use a heat press machine if you don't have one.
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