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Hi there. Ill try to help if I can since Sign making was where started. Are you looking to print for stickers and the like or for shirt vinyl? If youre looking to print for Tshirts, then you may be better looking into an Epson inkjet for transfers. If youre looking to print and contour cut vinyl stickers, then theres a couple ways to go. You can purchase seperate cutters and printers. This is a good way to go because if you have seperate print and cut jobs, you arent being held up due to one machine. If you need a machine for medium to large run jobs, a Roland ColorCam is a great way to go. You can print/cut for less than .50 a square foot with these machines. If you just a need stickers fortime to time or very small runs, theres a few sites that can fill those needs for a decent price so you still pull a profit. If youd still like to loof into the equipment, look here http://www.signsupplystore.com/default.asp Ive had GREAT service dealing with these folks. And here http://www.beacongraphics.com/ Youll find the info about Rolands there.
Hope that helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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