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Vinyl numbers for jerseys

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Hey guys! I have projects to start a sports business this year, so I was checking about all the stuff that I will need for jersey personalization.. So I think I´m gonna buy a GCC Expert24 LX Vinyl Cutter to add numbers and sponsors to jerseys...
But my question is: How can I have the original letters and numbers for the brands and/or teams?
Example: All the teams in the Premiere League (Soccer league in ENG) have a specific font, and they have the logo of the league on each number.. How do I get them? Is it possible to do this with a vinyl cutter or would I need something else?
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Here on the other side of the pond if we want to do anything for the professional or college or school leagues we have to get their permission and they supply the fonts and graphics. If they give you vector art you should be able to cut them with your vinyl cutter.
No matter where you are professional/collage teams you need to get licensed to produce their uniforms. There are some that do not offer a license although not typical. As for fonts as long as they are not a trademarked font like cocacola and are a free or commercially available font you can certainly cut those but logos you will need the owners permission or you will not be in business long.
Stahl's has licensed Letters and Numbers I believe. They have many CollEge and Pro teams.

Capped the E in College because I've seen too many people misspelling it lately.
Stupid iPad changed my spelling. Looks like I'll have to rest it cause I don't know how to fix auto correct after it has been altered
Stupid iPad changed my spelling. Looks like I'll have to rest it cause I don't know how to fix auto correct after it has been altered
With an iPad ... you can turn auto-correct "off" if you want to.

Go to "Settings"
> General
> Keyboard
> Auto-correct (select "on" or "off")

And ... whalla ... no more annoying auto-correct.
Thanks but I do like the auto correct problem is if someone hits the x a few times it starts correcting it the wrong way. Since the kids now have their own iPad I'll restore it and put a pass code on it
Hey sben, congrats on that black shirt! Welcome to the BS club.

The OP is from the UK I think, so I'm not so sure Stahls would have the license for those teams.
Sorry Dude, I know what you mean. My Iphone does the same thing. Hate the Auto Correct. My daughters always texting me back and saying, WHAT are you Talking About Dad?

She keeps reminding me that she has a BA degree in English.
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