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Vinyl leaving a shadow once pressed.

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I'm using MDP vinyl and have noticed on certain colours (pink and yellow) that its leaving a slight white coloured shadow once i have pressed it.
The shadow is only on one side and on certain parts of the design.
I'm pretty sure that the vinyl isn't moving in the process of pressing.
Its a very slight shadow line, you need to look carefully to see it.

ANy ideas folks?
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Vinyls will shrink in heat pressing but its normally the whole design. Check your temps. If your vinyl moves during pressing, it will have moved and not be aligned but no shadows.
I'm pressing at 175 degrees Celcius.
Dry pressing to remove moisture for 5 seconds; then Pressing vinyl for 25 seconds.
It could be the adhesive being squeezed out with too much pressure.
I'm not familiar with that vinyl, but mine is at 150C for only 10-12 seconds.

As was also said, some machines clamp down with a slight movement which could account for the shadow only on one side, but I'm leaning more toward a time/temp issue.

Let us know how you solve the issue once it's resolved.
some brands of vinyl in light colors have a white layer to help opacity. the white "shadow" you see is the white adhesive layer. Try covering the design with silicone kraft paper after you peel carrier sheet and repress for about 4 secs this should help
using silicone paper, is the intention to melt the adhesive into the shirt?
Yes usually it will melt away. Try it and see if it works for you. The paper seems to work better than teflon for this purpose.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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