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vinyl for shirts

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Anyone have a favorite source for t shirt vinyl?
I wanna cut out silhouettes of shapes, like ghosts, aliens and skulls out of glow vinyl and then weed it to put onto black shirts. I heard that SISER was good. Any other recs?
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Siser is the best. I've tried a whole bunch of different vinyls and Siser is far and away the best.

I get it from One Source (Screen Printing Supplies & Equipment; Michigan, Illinois, Ohio | One Source Michigan) - they carry the full line and they also deliver in SE Michigan.
I use Eco-Film and have been very pleased with it.
Nothing beats Flesso's heat transfer vinyl ;) Thinnest and most durable, price I dare say is the cheapest too. Beats all the other brands hands down, go ask them for samples and you'll know!

-user from Malaysia-
we use siser quite a bit and HTW glitter vinyls.
ThermoFlex Plus, is also another excellent product. You can contact several of us for a sample to try and test instead of buying an entire roll.
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i use stahls fashion lite but thinking i should give sisors a try
Does anyone know if PoliFlex 400 series Textile Decoration Film, is Hot or Cold peel?
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