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vinyl for heat transfers

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Can you press different color vinyl on top of each other in heat transfer and if so does it have to be a certain kind?:confused:
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Hi Dawn, Sure can. I have stacked 4 colors before. Make sure you show the customer this with a sample, because it does get kind of thick. Normally I try to limit it to 2 if possible.

I would use all the same brand vinyl.
Just an FYI, you will have registration issues with multiple layers. When you press the first layer, it will shrink some. You need to account for that when you cut the second layer...
Hello Dawn,
You can use different kinds of heat transfer vinyl, but make sure it's the same brand or from the same manufacturer. The manufacturer should be able to provide you with instructions to combine the various materials. The benefit of doing so allows you to get a mixed media look, for example, combining glitter or flock with basic colors of film material. You can also expand your colors by combining different materials when colors may be limited if you stick with just one. Good Luck!
Hi Dawn,
I have found that when using more than one layer, if you press the first layer for a shorter period of time, you won't have as many problems with registration/shrinkage. I have used Thermoflex as well as MultiCut.
I use siser easy weed all the time with multi layers with no problem. I don't have any shrinkage either.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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