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Old Motor https://youtu.be/IrLjbpod14E

New Motor https://youtu.be/WtioSUgfnq8

The following is speech to text so please excuse any typos if any. Thank you.

After looking for a low priced and simple plotter, I decided to purchase one from signwarehouse. Specifically I purchased the vinyl Express r31 for around $300.

Right out the box this thing was so freaking loud it would block out the sound of the remaining three plotters. It would not cut circles correctly and sometimes different lines of text would bleed into each other where one letter was cutting through the other letter.

So still not a big deal I can block out the noise and I can add more space between the lines of text. Then this thing would have a hard time doing small details. This is where my frustration reached 75% and I was willing to use this machine for certain jobs. While working on some very normal light pressure adhesive vinyl for a sign I noticed something strange. I noticed that the blade was not moving up or down anymore but was staying down and moving all around the vinyl creating cut marks all over the thing.

This is where my frustration reached 105%. Right away I ordered the GCC clipper from imprintables Warehouse because I've had great experiences with the expert 24 LX and the expert 2 24 LX purchased from imprintables.

So with nothing to lose I pulled out the screwdriver and pliers and I took this thing apart. I remove the front cover to reveal the motor inside and I noticed that it was kind of stuck to where that when I tapped it it would move up and down again but then it would be stuck. Upon further examination I noticed a small ball screw above the motor. I adjusted the screw and the motor work just fine again for about 5 Seconds. It turns out the threads for the screw below we're broke. Now I did the biggest mistake and I tossed the box out second day after operating this machine I figured if it works now going to work later and it's only $300 I'll get that money back in a few jobs.

Then a bright idea hit me. It was like a light bulb above my head. You see I have a spare parts platter in the back a former plotter is I like to call it a retired 1 it is an old US Cutter MH who's main board was fried due to static. I began to dismantle that and I removed the blade holder the entire unit connected to the belt. I took note of how it was connected and I took it and put it on the vinyl Express. I had to drill a hole further away from the first one in order to connect the belt so the blade holder head assembly unit. We removed the front left side cover in order to adjust the tightness of the belt.

So the whole thing was connected properly and it turned on just fine so we went to test it with a first job with the word testing and we noticed that the blade was going up when he needed to go down and down when he needed to go up. Remove top cover again and the red and white wires connect to the chip above we crossed those where we put the positive on the negative and vice versa. Reassembled the unit and ran a test and it worked just perfectly.

Not only was it much quieter. But it worked 100%. I don't understand why the vinyl Express was so cheap to begin with when it was more expensive than the US Cutter MH series and those things are pretty cheap too. It is not fair that I had to go to the emotional stress of a brand new machine not even a week old and replace new parts with old used parts in order to get it functioning again. I sure learned my lesson I just purchased the GCC Clipper 24. I figure this is the cheapest machine you can buy and still have a name brand. Still have not tested it yet will definitely test it I'm sure it will perform better than the u.s. cutter and vinyl Express r31.
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