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vinyl decals

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Hello everyone
I would like to know if you are going to sell window decal, How would you package them for sell?
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Hey Marc, I would buy the clear pre-mask tape. Then put into plastic bags. Hang on to pegs for display.
Thanks Nascarbob, Where can I purchase that kind of tape? What type of plastic bags are your referring to?
You are talking about cut vinyl?? If so your vinyl supplier will carry the clear pre mask. I get bags from Uline. They have locations all over the US.
If you were selling alot, than invest in a heat sealer and get rolls of plastic alot cheaper
Will give it more professional finish and you can add eye hook things that tapes on for hanging :)

Also print little label front with Picture item name description and you company name and phone number at bottom of it
hmm...dont mean to hijack but how much do heat sealers go for?
Depends on size/industrial ones/ new or used

I bet you can get a good used one for around $125 and nice heavy duty around 4-5 hundred
I would check out ebay and online machine trade sites to get a good deal on one:)
just type it in google in see what comes up... I was wrong $60 at staples LMFAO

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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