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What will I need to press white lettering and designs on black shirts? The press, the white vinyl and the shirts will be here this week. My friend has a large CAD-cutter and he can't wait to start.
Will I need any other products for sucessful transfer? Do I need teflon sheets for my press? Do I need to use craft paper and special tape?
Any suggestions?

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Hi Mike, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!

You may want to do some searches of the Heat Press forum for keywords like vinyl, teflon, dark shirts, plastisol to find answers to your question. There are many great topics that have discussed exactly what you're trying to do:

At the top of each forum in the blue header right before the thread listings start is a link that says "Search This Forum". That will allow you to confine your search to the specific forum that you're interested in.
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