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vinyl cutter/plotter

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Hi. can anyone help me?
I have a redsail dmpl cutter/ plotter.I am having trouble
sending cut/plot from my computer to the cutter.I have
flexisign and artcut software installed,but neither is
connecting to the cutter. I haven't used it from new but it is a few months old now.I would appreciate any advice.
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Which cable are you using to connect the RedSail to your computer?
Hi, I think I might have got the name wrong.It is 871
JOYCUT USB CUTTER/PLOTTER.The serial number is redsail.
It has a RS232*2 cable. Thank's Kenimes
The RS232 cable- is that a Serial to USB cable? When you plug it in, check your Ports category of your Device Manager to see if it shows up and has been assigned a COM port #.
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Hi Kenimes. The plotter was assigned to
the wrong Com port. I managed to find the DMPL
and connect the USB to serial and just followed instructions from there.Now I've just gotta work
out how to use it and it'll be fine.
Thanks for your help,much appreciated.
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