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Vinyl Cutter for Word Art only

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I have a Cricut Expression that I've been doing Word Art with. I've been using SCAL (Sure Cuts Alot) for different fonts and such. I'm mostly just doing word art, and small designs.

The Cricut only goes up to 12x24 and I'd like a larger vinyl cutter that will enable me to do longer sentences or phrases.

I'm wanting to spend around 5 or 6 hundred.

This is mostly for a Hobby, personal use, and I may venture out and do some for others.

Can anyone tell me of a good vinyl cutter to use? I'm not really interested in using colors or layers and graphics, etc. I'm only going to be doing Word Art.

Also, what type of software should I use? I love that with my Cricut and SCAL, I can use any font on the internet.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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