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Vinyl is the perfect solution to the onesie twosie market - and I use them in qty. up to two or three dozen before going to screen printing - depending on the graphic.

The vinyl is cut by the cutter (your graphic/text is in reverse). You weed away the excess vinyl that is not part of your design/text. the backing (in most cases - but not all brands) is adhesive and that adheres to the shirt before pressing. A heat press is required and after pressing for the mfg. specified time/temp/pressure, you remove the backing.

I have a sweatshirt that has been washed literally a hundred times and after all this time the very pointy edges of the text have lifted in some places - so small you can't even get ahold of it, but if you rub your hand over it you can feel it. If I chose to I could repress and they would probably be down for another hundred washes! Quality product!!
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