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kilerb said:
Oh, so there is a backing and the letters stay in place on the backing so you don't have to space them out one at a time? Also, how does the cutter not cut the backing? isn't it like 1/1000th of a millimeter? Seems like it would cut right through?
Yes, the vinyl layer and the backing layer are both quite thin, but a vinyl cutter (a good one) is a precision machine capable of cutting only the vinyl layer, and leaving the backing uncut.

Also, when working with heat transfer vinyl, you cut the design in mirrored image, also known as reversed or flipped. It will read backwards after you weed it, but will be correct after you place it face down on the shirt and press it.

For text, and even single color graphics, it can't be beat as a method for small quantity runs. Multi colors can be done also.

As quantities get bigger, or graphics get more detailed or have numerous colors, then other methods are preferable.
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