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I havent come across a garment material that has a "sticky" backing. The adhesive is heat activated. I use Spectra Cut to EasyWeed and even with a mid range cutter you can do some great looking stuff. I use my cutter damn near nonstop. In the 6 hours I have after work. I run mine about 4 hours. I cut everything from stickers and text/graphics for banner to the stuff my customer request for paintball jerseys. The material the is the release film is about 3 mil thick and much stiffer than the vinyl. this makes is easier to work with. The vinyl itself pretty flimsy by itself. As stated, short are where cad cut vinyl shines, but I live behind my cutter so even long runs of stickers are easy once you get the hang. My longest run for sign vinyl has been 500 stickers that measured 3" by 4" with a fair amount of weeding.
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