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for the thermoflex plus,
- make sure you are only doing 320f medium pressure (not heavy), for 15 secs, cover with parchment and press
- peel warm (not hot, simply pick up the tee wave it twice and peel, or let it sit for 5 secs on the press then peel),
- cover with parchment and re-press for 7 secs (no more than this)
- - - OPTIONAL: after first press and before peeling, give the design a rub with a chalkboard eraser for 5 secs,
then peel and re-press, no need to wait to cool to warm status - - -

there are a few 'stretch' htv's out there (easyweed stretch as ed mentioned)

joto stretch

thermoflex stretch

results flex-all

hotmark revolution

flexcut sweet by sef
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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