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vintage transfers for sale

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I have found a web site where this company has stored transfers for 30+ yrs.
they sell them in assorted bunches.I dont know if im allowed to give a link ...hope nobody minds...

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I dont know if im allowed to give a link ...hope nobody minds
The only thing I don't like about that link is the auto-loading music on the website that it goes to :D

Interesting find (although I can't seem to load any of their catalog pages)
Would they still work? I always thought there was a shelve life.
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Some of the older one's don't work but you can scan them, resize them, and they actually look very nice. The color seperation is the key with these old transfers.
I am actually looking for a vintage heat transfer as shown in this photo.

I have a GF who is VERY KEEN on "Valley Girl" - but sadly there are no retro shirts with this picture out there. So I'm looking for a vintage heat transfer, as shown in this photo, so I can get the shirt done up for her.

I'm happy to pay the going rate for such vintage item. Please contact me with any leads - I've searched the usual websites, and come up empty!

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i just found some knight rider 80's transfers. They seem to be ink on transfer paper. anyone know what temp and how long to try and get these to transfer?
i guess no one has any in site into these transfers.
Alconbury- if you can find an image off the internet -a DTG printer could print you up a shirt.
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