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Big thanks to Lou (badalou) for the Video Tutorials showing how to successfully print and press with Mira Cool and Iron All Transfer Papers.

Introduction from Lou:

This is my first attempt at doing this production and I am sure it will not win any awards but the idea is to help show you what I do when I work with these 2 transfers which are actually the same but come from 2 different sources.

It also may help answer some questions to some of you who have never worked with transfers before and want to see it in action. I did not use a script and tried to describe each procedure as I went along.

So forgive the stuttering and the "ah ah ah's". If I was making videos for a living, we would be sleeping in our car.

Now on to the Show! This is a quick, 7 part tutorial.

Step 1: The introduction. Lou welcomes us to his office and let's us know what to expect. Note the cool t-shirt he's wearing :)


Step 2: Lou describes the Mira Cool Iron All papers and shares how to tell which side to print on and how to handle the paper


Step 3: Lou shares paper loading and printing tips.


Step 4: Checking the print quality and getting ready for a trim.


Step 5: Trimming the transfer and handling the paper.


Step 6: Using the Mighty Press heat press. Lou prepresses and checks the temperature and time.


Step 7: Hot peeling the transfer off the shirt. The big finale!


Viola! A closeup shot of the finished t-shirt!

Thanks again Lou!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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