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Hi everyone,
This may be a long shot but I'm wondering if anyone might have some idea of what's going on here.
I have three Brother GT-3 printers and one of them currently has an issue where the C/M/Y printheads won't fire from an entire row of nozzles, the same nozzles on all three. (see image below).
So far I've done thorough cleaning (both via the maintenance menu and manually), I cleaned the caps, and swapped the wiped out for one from one of my working machines, and saw no change. I then swapped the "bad" print heads from this printer (we'll call this one Printer A) with ones from one of my working printers (Printer B), and immediately after swapping, the "bad" printheads from Printer A work perfectly while installed in Printer B, and the good printheads from Printer B don't fire out of those rows of nozzles while installed in Printer A, so at this point I know the issue isn't with the printheads themselves, nor does it appear to be the wiper or caps. So at some point somewhere inside Printer A the message going to the heads to tell them to fire just isn't making it for some reason.
Would anyone here have any idea of what else I should be looking into to potentially solve this problem? Maybe one of the ribbon cables needs replacing? I'm a bit out of my depth at this point and am not sure beyond the very basics of the printheads/carriage which pins on which cable lead to what, or if it's even worth looking into that and there's some other obvious thing that I'm missing.
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EDIT: Also, as mentioned before I am definitely getting out of my depth here, so admittedly I may be totally misinterpreting the test print! From my understanding at least, in the affected area (the patterns directly above the alphabet) the first square (or rectangle, whatever) on the left is printed by one row of nozzles on the printhead, the square to the right of that is supposed to be printed by the other row of nozzles, and then the third square is supposed to be both rows of nozzles firing together, so the test print above seems to indicate that that row of nozzles isn't firing on each of those three heads. Is that correct or am I misunderstanding the root of the issue to begin with?

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Idlewild, you may have an issue with the Head Carriage Board and Overspray. On your GT3, you will want to start by resetting and cleaning the FFC’s by following the steps in our video, https://vimeo.com/showcase/5735964/video/371658128. You will then want to clean for overspray,
How to Perform GT-3 Periodic Maintenance for Carriage Related Components,
Encoder Strip Cleaning on GT-3 DTG Printer,

To clean the inside of the printer on any hard metal or plastic surface you can use denatured alcohol. For cleaning any rubberized parts as the belt, you will want to use cleaning solution and an item such as a toothbrush only in order to avoid damaging the printer.

Ensure you are always running the latest firmware and driver package found on our website, BrotherDTG.com/support. If you’re located within North America and still require additional technical assistance, please fill out a support ticket, User Support or contact your original dealer if outside these areas. If you don’t have this contact info, you should complete the form on this page - Brother GTX
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