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My wife and I are starting a new business that will include personalized t-shirt printing. The business is actually a kiosk inside another business which should generate about 30K people of foot traffic past our new business. We're new at this and want to provide quality shirts, but we don't know which types of printing or heat transfer offer the most flexibility as far as personalized designs and which systems are easiest and cost effective to use. We're both "computer people" so we should be able to use a PC based program if necessary, and one of us is fairly creative. Just as starters, we've looked at heat transfer machines, but aren't able to find the pre-made transfers we want. We need to be able to do custom work if a customer gives us sample design. We've also looked at the SWF Digital Garment Printer "the Kiosk". We're looking at someting in the $5,000-$8,000 range. Any help is appreciated!
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hi joe,

its nice to be able to print out digital transfers for shirts, mouse pads for fun type client sales.

If you display a Black t-shirt with a company name on it you will get some volume orders 1, 2 3, dozen or more. To print on black shirts for etc. outsource it to a plastisol transfer maker, this will increase your sales revenue by a lot. Also Team uniforms/leagues.

You can also stock transfer designs (top 50 sellers) and apply to the shirst while they wait. Along with pre-cut letters to personalize shirts etc.

You can set up a flat screen tv and display all your stuff/designs etc on a set sequence, you would be surprised how people will stand in front of your shop watching it. This is good because others will wonder what it is and next thing you know there will be a crowd in front of your store. All retailers want this type of attention.

Jokes, Girly glitter, Hotrods, gothic, etc... stock designs sell.
If I was going to buy a DTG machine i would hold off till after the SGIA show (It is next week) becaue there will be a lot of new machines pushed into the market so the older machines should be dropping in price. Just a thought
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