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Hello All,
I have been studying this whole thing and have A LOT of questions. First off I want to get going on making shirts and stickers/decals. Is there one machine that will do both?? How much am I looking at as an initial investment. I want to go as inexpensive as possible but not cheap. I am willing to spend more money to factor for the future if need be. Is there a good website or link to a thread that describes the real bacics? I am very green!!:D Am I right that there is more than one way to make the shirts? Once again, I appologize, I do not know much here but am looking for any help. I have been doing alot of searching but have not found a good resource for a description of the real basics. I think i have posted this ? in the right section, if not please let me know where to go.

ANY help would be very much appreciated!!

Thanks MUCH!!
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