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hey guys,

just found this forum through a informative website on google. It looks like this is a FANTASTIC community. I have only been on for 15 minutes and have learned HEAPS of information. So, thank you early for that .

I recently graduated from college with a Marketing degree and wanted to utilize it in a way that would satisfy my dreams. I am a HUGE clothing fan, so I decided to do what hundreds of thousands have done and start my own "clothing line" -- if you want to call it that.

So far sales are pretty steady. I am building the company using an altruistic approach and with premiss of staying true to myself and for my customers to do the same. I have already donated money from profits to various organizations that are relevant to my demographic of customers, and plan on continuing this.

I would truly appreciate any feedback, tips -- anything at all.. even just a hello would be nice.

Thanks again guys (and gals) , I look forward to becoming part of this fantastic group of people.


TIGER TIGER CLOTHING (hope you get a minute to check me out)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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