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Item(s) for sale:
Versacamm VP300 Package or
Versacamm VP540 Package

Units Available: Unlimited

Package Prices:
Versacamm VP300 - $13695
Versacamm VP540 - $18695

Offer Expires: 8/29/08 at 12:00pm EST (payment must be processed by this time - no exceptions)

Package includes:
Versacamm of choice
Versaworks RIP Software
Cad-Color Solutions Start Up Kit (includes rolls of Solutions Clear, Opaque, Puff, Metallic and Mask)
220mL Eco-Sol Max Inks CMYK
On Site Installation and Training Day
(4-8 hours at your location)
Ongoing video classes, training and consultation

Condition of items (new in box/used/etc):
Brand new in box.

If you would like to set up a call to dicsuss purchasing one of these units or speak about whether or not it would benefit your business?
Email me at

Private Message me
or call me direct at 724-833-6098

View the following educational video about the Versacamm for Apparel:

Please include your contact information (including phone number) in your email, PM or voicemail.
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