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Vendor Application Insurance Questions

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I am about to do my first ever event(s) at the end of July/beginning of August this year and have recieved my vendor applications for the two events I want to cover. Since these are my first events I have a million questions of course, but if anyone with experience could answer this insurance one I would greatly appreciate it!

On the vendor application it states:
"The First Party will not be responsible for loss and/or damage due to fire, tornado,
weather condition, thefts, vandalism, or other act of God, therefore it is required that the Second Party, which brings property or goods of value over $100.00, to protect their property or goods by sufficient insurance to compensate for any loss which may be incurred. Second Party must also carry sufficient liability insurance and provide the event with proof."

I am a bit confused, I figured all I needed was liability insurance, or are there 2 different types of insurance I should have for these events? Also, anyone have a good recommendation for insurance carrier?

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Yes they are referring to 2 different types of insurance. One is the liability that they require and covers your activity and the other is insurance for your property in case of loss or damage as they state they are not responsible for any loss or damage to your property. They require you have the second type as well
The property insurance you already have on your shop should suffice. Just ask your agent to provide you with an insurance certificate. they should also be able to provide the liability certificate as well, hopefully for no additional cost.
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