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Vector Conversion Method Help

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ARRGGH, can anyone offer a method in converting this art work to vectors in Illustrator?

How would you do it? The Live Trace feature isnt going to help. Is there a possible way or would I have to recreate it?

How would you approach this?



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This is certainly not an image for a lot of us novices...If it were me I would use a professional service it would be time consuming to do it yourself...if you could...Do a search for 'vector conversion' on the forum, I know there are several links that you can get this done rather quickly for $20 or less. Is your time worth less than $20 an hour or so...

You might want to try Vector Magic | Precision Bitmap to Vector Conversion Online you upload your image..follow instructions and you get a pretty good conversions. They have several pricing plans...each image is one token...a token is $2.50 when you join for $7.50 for a month...the first two images are free.. I have not joined...I used it when it was free and was quite happy. I just upload your image as a trial and it was pretty good result...you can't download without joining and comitting to at least a month membership...
Thanks for the suggerstion, ill check it out
Let me know if you havent gotten it converted yet. I can help you out.
I would not try tracing it. You can trace a fish and the grizzly paw manually. the rest of the design must be recreated. It is very imprecise. The circles are not even concentric.

For the font, you can use Zapf Calligraphic.
thanks for the help guys. I went ahead and recreated. Thanks
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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