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Vector Clipart Packets?

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I see all these shops and sites with tons of different images for vinyl stickers. Now I know every shop/site did not create all of them on their own. Are there vector clip art packets out there that you can purchase that come with 500 or 2000 or whatever images and that's where people are getting all these from? Thanks
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There's a few different things out there:
Clipart - Download Royalty-Free Clipart, Images, Fonts, Web Art and Graphics - Has a lot of generic clipart which may be vectorized, there's some threads on here that include how to get a year subscription on the cheap.

Vector Art - by Holmes & Cottrell Graphic Technologies | The highest quality electronic artwork for the sign industry since 1990

You can also check some of the major sign/vinyl suppliers and they usually redistribute some print/cut packs, which will give you more leads.
Go media vectors .... I constantly see their stuff used in t-shirts I find in stores
T-shirt factory

Dover images
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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