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I have VE Lxi Master Plus for Mac. I have directed it to pull fonts from Mac HD:Library:fonts (because that's the only place they seem to work out of), and I am still having problems getting Lexi to recognize fonts otherwise installed in all other program in my computers.

After about a year of research and hiring techs to try to help me, I have realized that the CRAP product that is Sign Warehouse's rendition of Flexi, that in the year 2011 they released software that accepts fonts like a Legacy program (this is prehistoric, no programs do that anymore). I have tried over 10 font programs trying to deal with this, and have fixed the majority of the fonts, but there are some that I just can't get to work.

Currently with Font Xchange, I can take fonts and change them into .otf, .ttf, etc. I swear, I have tried converting these fonts to every different style and I can't get them to work in Lxi.

I'm also a little confused on which version of these fonts would be best for this program.

I CAN NOT get help from SAI or Sign Warehouse because they REFUSE to support this software (that came incomplete, with the users manual missing, among 100 other things).

I CAN NOT just go to another program. I have over 10 years of customer files saved as .ve and I'm stuck with this situation.

BTW, I've been a customer of Sign Warehouse and using that program for over a decade, I DO NOT recommend getting this software or purchasing anything from that company. They run their business on lies, deceit, a joke of a "technical support", ripping off their small business owner customers, and have NEVER made any of it right.
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