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Selling my 2004 VASTEX V-2000HD PRESS.

4 color 4 station. Awesome professional press. Built like a brick house. 4 brand new gas shocks ($160) . 4 15x17 platens. 1 small/youth platen. 1 oversize platen. 2 infant / sleeve platens. 1 koozie platen.

Press is currently in use daily and does long production runs holding perfect registration. This is our only press currently and has consistently produced professional results for all our clients.

The press is about 10 years old and has decades left of flawless operation. We moved from an Antec Dynamic 4/4 to this press and the results were immediately noticeable. Always consistent prints and never a doubt that our printing was spot on.

Our shop is moving and we will be acquiring new equipment - and need to free up some cash to pay for it.

Let's deal!


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