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vastex press and flash $1800-Los Angeles area (pick up only)

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Package for $1800-Los Angeles area.

-Vastex V1000 Table Top Press. 1 Station 6 Color (VXV1T16)
includes wheeled cart w/ screen rack.
retail price $1,416.45

-Vastex F-Flash 18" x 18" W/ Rotary Table (VXF118VRT)
Electric 120 volt. Wheel Set included.
retail price $787.00

They're both lightly used and a little dusty from
being in the garage.

Also included:
-aluminum Uv screen exposure box 20" x 24"
-screen printing scoop coater 16"
-(6) 70 durometer 15" wood handle squeegees.
-(3) 70 durometer 16" aluminum handle squeegees. brand new
-(1) 70 durometer 6" aluminum handle squeegee. brand new.
-screen coating stand
-(5) aluminum screens 20x24 156 white mesh. need to be reclaimed

Throwing in for free. These things were working last time I used them,
but have been just sitting in the garage.
-various plastisol ink that's 7 years old.
-epson WF 7010 full pigment ink from cobra ink.
-graphtec silhouette cameo 12" cutting machine.
-laser temp gun
-fridgidaire 30-pint dehumidifier.

note about press. I enclosed the cart that the press is on and put the dehumifier in there. I used that as a drying cabinet and drying took about 30 minutes.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts