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Vastex HD 2000 6c6s w/ workhorse 40" dryer & More

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Press Excellent working condition less than 2 years old
I have 1 extra never used regular platen
Brand new cap press attachment with platens
3 Sleeve platens
1 jumbo print platen
All in excellent condition

Powerhouse Quartz PQ4013, Conveyor Dryer, 40" x 13'
I just replace the bulbs 1 year ago
Works great

BBC BF4-4000 24x28 With Stand Flash Dryer Excellent Condition

BBC 16x16 Flash Dryer, 1575w With Stand

Both excellent working condiiton

Stainless Steel Backlit Washout Sink 4x4'
stainless steel option is a great for larger shops and automatic production! When it comes to processing a high quantity of screens, size DOES matter and with The E-44 Stainless sink you have 4' of washout room which is easily handles two 23x31" or 20x24" screens at a time. The stainless steel construction is built to last, does not rust, and also adds a professional look to your darkroom or washout area!

Product Details:
- Stainless Steel
- Welded Construction
- Includes Backlighting
- V - Notch Screen Rack
- Durable / Long Lasting
- Economical
- Easy Clean Up
- Low Maintenance
- Minimal Space Requirement

250 Screens
Tons of Inks & Cleaning Chemicals, Spray Tack etc.

25x36" Auto UV Screen Exposure Unit w/ Compression Lid and timer
The Ryonet 25x36" Aluminum Automated UV Exposure Unit with the Aluminum Compression Lid is designed to work as easily and effectively as an vacuum exposure unit for less then a third of the cost. Our new design incorporates a high quality welded aluminum extrusion box into this incredibly robust and powerful exposure unit. The unique aluminum compression lid creates the same positive contact pressure that a vacuum unit creates. Positive pressure is needed during the exposure process to insure a positive contact between the mesh, film, and the exposure glass. Without the proper positive contact, images will not expose properly because light is allowed to seep around the edges of the positive film. A proper positive contact is pivotal to achieve high detail, small half tones, and crisp edges. The aluminum compression lid featured on this unit creates the correct amount of positive pressure needed in order to achieve maximum exposure results. This exposure unit covers all your textile printing needs with the ability to exposure up to a 55 line half tone dot which in lemans terms is extremely fine detail. The exposure unit works by exerting pressure onto a foam insert that fits the inner dimensions of your screen. Once clamped, the lid exerts enough pressure to achieve correct positive contact. It's easy to use and fits almost anyone's budget. Now you don't have to compromise quality with cost, know you are doing it right EVERY time!

EasiWay Dip Tank & Strip All In One System
The EasiWay Dip and Strip all in one system is a great addition to any small shop. Instead of having to remove all ink and then spray on emulsion remover, allow for soak time, and then rinse. You can simply submerge your screens for about 4-5 minutes, pull them out of the dip tank, rinse, degrease and the screens are ready for use again.

It also comes with Accurip, and Seperation Studio

Epson 1900 with all black ink system

A lot of Plastisol ink and Squeegees, Cleaning Chemicals and Spray Tack, and other screen printing supplies.
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