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Vastex Econored I Conveyor Dryer

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Up for sale is a Vastex Econored I Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer.

This is a great high production dryer that fits anywhere.

Up to 150 pieces per hour.

5 1/2 foot long with a generous 30 inch wide conveyor belt.

High output heat chamber with 18 x 24 infrared panels.

Digital temperature controller.

Belt speed controller.

Heater elevator raises and lowers heaters and openings from 2 inch to 7 inch from belt.

230 volt single phase power.

Modular design - add additional 20" heat chambers at any time.

If you are just getting into screen printing, do not make the mistake of getting a smaller 110v dryer. You will quickly outgrow it and get very frustrated with the fact that you have to wait so long for shirts to cure. This will do 150 shirts an hour, which is fantastic for the price and size.

If you do not have 220v power hooked up and are thinking about a 110v dryer, you should really think about the amount of money you will save/make by using 220v instead. It will probably cost you $150 to get an electrician to set up a 220v power source for you, which you will easily make back with the amount of energy you will conserve and the amount of time you will save by purchasing a commercial grade dryer.

List price on this machine is $2900. We are asking for $2000 or reasonable offer.

Everything works perfectly and can be demonstrated upon pickup.

Located in Santa Barbara, CA

Please email [email protected]gmail.com with any questions. We can possibly arrange delivery if you are within a few hundred miles or so.
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