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Vans Warped Tour Information; If you have ever been a vendor on warped tour I NEED YOUR HELP

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I'm looking into being a vendor on the Vans Warped Tour 2013.
(If we're still alive due to the world ending and all ;p )

If you have ever done it, or you have any information on it, these are some of the burning questions that I have and I only feel that I can get from someone who's done it.
(I'd also like to get the information way in advance, so I can better prepare myself and make everything go as smoothly as possible.)

1) Roughly, how much does it cost to be a vendor on warped tour?
How much does it cost day to day when paying production, and how much does it cost to pay for the full tour upfront?

2) Do I need to worry about out of state taxes, and a business license just yet? (It's a pretty big tour so I figure that I would need to take those into consideration.)

3) What are other costs that I HAVE to take down and make sure they are taken care of? Gas, misc. things, etc?
(I intend to have a lamanate (sp?) so access and catering come with that.)

4) When going through the application process and actually GETTING on warped tour, what are things I should be expecting?
(So far as the application goes and things that are needed FOR the application, what info I will be expected to supply, so on so fourth.)

5) Travel; What are the best options for me so far as traveling ON the tour goes? Car? Van? What's the cheapest and most effective way to travel with the tour, while JUST being a clothing company?
(I will just have all of my equipment, and a couple of other people with me.)
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